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Gymnastics Classes

After school gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the fastest growing sports in Victoria, with over 63,488 current members and 750,000 other participants (as a the end of 2018) . It is also one of the safest sports you can do see this comparison chart. Gymnastics is often described as the foundation of all sports, with some of the physical benefits including Balance (Vestibular), Intuition (Proprioception), Strength, Agility, Power, Coordination, Control and Physical Literacy. Gymnastics classes are a great place to make new friends (develop social skills) as students are working with people outside of their normal school environment.

Children participating in Gymnastics improve their self-esteem, confidence and resilience. Participants of a gymnastics based program become very aware of their bodies and can "try their hand" at most sports and activities with a level of success. Gymnastics teaches that perseverance pays off.

Some gymnastics clubs are large facilities designed for teaching competitive and elite gymnastics – they modify the facility to make it safe to cater for beginners and recreational groups. At Moving Monkeys we have built our facility from scratch specifically to cater for children who want the positive benefits of gymnastics, without the pressure to move into competition groups and train excessive hours (We can identify those with a talent for gymnastics and forward them on to a competitive program if they wish).

In addition to the traditional gymnastics apparatus, our programs incorporate other non-typical, and fun apparatus. We have a slack-line, rock climbing wall, and tunnels just to name a few, and will be adding extra things in the future...

Students at Moving Monkeys typically train once a week, in groups with no more than a 1 to 8 coach to student ratio. As we are not training competition gymnastics, we are able to develop all the physical benefits of gymnastics by utilising all gymnastics apparatus (rather than gender specific apparatus). In fact, we try to keep all our groups as co-ed (both boys and girls are in the same group).

Our sessions are divided by age, so all students in the facility at any given time are at a similar developmental stage. As an example, at 4.15 on a Monday everyone is in Prep to Grade 2 at school. There may, however, be a few classes running at the same time that are split by ability level.

Students stay in the same ability group until they can consistently perform all the outcomes of that group. When they are ready for the next challenge students are moved on. This may be after a few weeks, a term, 6 months, or a year. Everyone develops at different rates, and some students will conquer particular skills faster than others.

Whilst your children are enjoying their session, you can sit back and relax in our café style viewing area, with a TV and colouring station available for the siblings; and free Wi-Fi, USB charging points, and REAL coffee available for the parents.

On weekdays classes start from 4.15pm to give you plenty of time to get here after school, so there is no mad rush after school pickup. Most beginner classes are an hour long, with longer sessions been available for more advanced students.

Timetables / Fees

Payments are by EFTPOS or Cash, we do not accept cheques, AMEX or Diners.

Enrollments / Trial Classes

To enrol in a class we will first need an enrollment form completed, this can be done by clicking this link - The enrollment form has all the information we need for insurance and to fulfill our reporting obligations to Gymnastics Victoria / Australia.

All classes are subject to maximum numbers, so once the form is submitted (there is an option at the end for additional students if you have multiple), then you will need to contact us to let us know your prefered class / session times. You can reach us via email at, Facebook messenger @movingmonkeysau, or Telephone 03 8609 6355

We suggest all new participants come along for a couple of weeks as a trial at the casual rate. After this point if they wish to continue you can either continue to pay casually for the remainder of the term, or we can deduct what has already been paid from the remainder of the term fee. If you are starting after week 5 then you simply stay on the casual rate until the end of the term.

Moving Monkeys is a Gymnastics Victoria affiliated club.

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